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I’m Karthik Kumar Viswanathan. I’m a software engineer, mentor, teacher, investor and now a dad.

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This website was born before the Internet exploded into many million blogs and services. I use it to host stuff that is relevant, but doesn’t belong to the current era. I put links to other websites I believe people must go through and discover for themselves.

My Family and Roots

I am from South India, a country that has inhaled very diverse cultures over an extended period of time. I currently live in West Canada.

I am from a large family of late Sri. Ranganatha Iyer. Our family roots are in a village called Srivanchiyam - a small, peaceful village in South India. It has a temple of Yama, the God of Death.

I was born in Chennai to my wonderful parents Smt. Usha and late Sri. Viswanathan. I am married to my wife Smt. Vaishnavi. We have a son Chi. Kian.

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