I'm Karthik Kumar Viswanathan. I'm a maker, mentor and teacher.

My Site

This site was born before the Internet exploded into many million blogs and services. I use it to host stuff that is relevant, but doesn't belong to the current era. I put links to web sites I believe people must go through and discover for themselves. One day I may put up my favorite lists and list of lists of books, music and video games with my thoughts and reviews. I may also choose to put up an archive of the source code I have painstakingly collected over the years, for pure recreation-education reasons.

My Family

I was born in Chennai to my wonderful parents Smt. V. Usha and late Shri. R. Viswanathan. I am married to my ever loving wife, Vaishnavi. I am originally from India, a country that has inhaled very diverse cultures over a period of time. I currently live in Canada.

My Heritage

I am from a large family of late Shri. S. R. Ranganatha Iyer. My roots are in Srivanchiyam - a small, peaceful village in South India. It has a temple of Yama, India's equivalent to Hades, the Lord of Death.

Connect with Me

There are various options for connecting with me. Every option has a restriction, use it wisely.

Social Media

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