Site is rewritten in Hugo

It has been a while since I came up with the original website in Text and Geocities, then in HTML and then in PHP, and then render to static HTML. Now it’s back to Text. Full Circle. This Website is now rendered by Hugo… One day, I may move the blog to Markdown. Try it out!

on 2021-09-08

Blog has migrated to Medium

I wasn’t updating my old blog in a while, so I realized that I needed to clean the cobwebs and move it to something current. So I decided to move my content - Now it is served by Medium.

on 2021-03-09

Website is now on TLS and Cloudflare

I have been working with Cloudflare for a while now, and I know how cool it is. They provide DDoS protection, but also CDN/Edge Caching and TLS. They have a free plan. I highly recommend people try it out. What remains to be seen is if I would keep the ORG domain, because they sold it to some for-profit company. Yikes!

on 2020-04-25

Website (is not dead!) Update.

Exactly after 4 years, I am updating my site. I have moved to Canada now, after a personal loss. I put up so many links to social media. The site itself is hosted on S3. My new Twitter account is @_vkaku - the old one @kvisw was renamed.

on 2018-08-05

Blog Update

I have pointed my blog to now.

on 2014-08-05

Site Update

I have moved my site to now.

on 2014-04-01

Theme Update

I have updated my site’s theme after 6+ years.

on 2011-05-25

Content Update

I have now mirrored my course on Core Java here for everyone’s benefit.

on 2010-11-08

Content Update

I have now linked most of the previous WIP content in mainstream now. They can be found here.

on 2009-12-07

Long Time Update

I haven’t gotten much bandwidth because of the fact that I’ve been employed. I do work on things besides my job, and I hope that I will be able to post them in this year. I sincerely hope that this new year brings more happiness and peace to people in all corners of the world.

on 2009-01-04


The dynamic news page is now deprecated for a more simpler static model. Also check out the phttpd code in here.

on 2007-08-13

TINS 2007

I participated in TINS for the second time. My entry Trash Carnage can be downloaded here.

on 2007-04-01

Site Update

I have wanted to remove the CV page for a while now.. I’ve also cleaned the About section and updated the Links section.

on 2006-10-20


Mom and Grandmom came to visit me. We went to Jaipur in the weekend and had a great \o/ time… After a while, I have uploaded some code today: An AJAX based online voting application, a tiny brainfuck interpreter, a JSON serializer, a JDBC configuration framework and a color cycling lines application; All available in this page. Eventually i’ll come up with a better way to organize my stuff, with versioning, upgrade and platform information.

on 2006-10-10

TINS 2006

I participated in TINS this time… Had a lot of fun. My entry ASCIITrain can be downloaded here.

on 2006-03-07

TechVista 2006

Went to Bangalore to attend the Annual Microsoft Research symposium. They unveiled Virtual India during the event. A fruitful trip, met people, learnt quite a bit and had a great time.

on 2006-01-15

A New Year

I came back from a wonderful vacation. A new year and a new semester start…

on 2006-01-08

Winter Holidays

And another year just passed by… And a very eventful one. My comprehensive exams are over, and my semester just ended with a whole bunch of paper corrections… Looking forward to take the train home, and I’ll be back after my holidays. Until then, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

on 2005-12-13

News Content in RSS 2.0

News is now generated from a RSS 2.0 newsfeed.

on 2005-10-20

News Content Update

News is now generated from content. May consider putting up a newsfeed.

on 2005-10-13

Minor Update

Didn’t update much, except for the CV page. I’m thinking of reworking this site..

on 2005-09-12

Moved to BAFSoft

I’ve moved on to BAFSoft. I’m working on tyr currently. This site will have another major update soon.

on 2005-02-05

In the New Year

It’s a new year.. Let us hope this brings about peace, welfare and happiness to our many brethren who were affected by the Tsunami. I am in Polaris, Mumbai. This city is very good and so are the people! I’m loving my Practice School… And wish you all a very Happy Pongal!

on 2005-01-13

Updated Site

The Tsunami is still going on … It has left me shocked and speechless. On a very sad note, We start off with the new site.

on 2004-12-30