I love the Internet; So much to see and learn... This page contains links to some of my favorite sites. If you feel I should include a link, inform me.


Arvind's news site link
cmihai's UNIX blog link
Dennis's data dump for his projects, drawings and pixel art pieces link
GS's site link
Kapil's site link
Nikhil's presence link
Sai's site for classical music, spiritual articles and discourses link
Alladi's site link
Vaishnu's site link

General Development

GNU Software link
The Apache Project link
Java link
MSDN link
Apple link
Programmers' Heaven link
SourceForge link
BerliOS link
Google Code link
BitBucket link
Github link

Parallel, Distributed and Event Systems Development

Leslie Lamport's site link
RISC Linz site link
Erlang link
Hadoop link
Cassandra link
Scalaris link
Memcached link
CUDA link
PS3 Programming link
OpenMP link
OpenMPI link
AMQP link
Borealis link

OS Development

Bonafide OS Developer link
BSD link
AROS link
BrokenThorn link
Contiki link
EX386 link
FreeRTOS link
Haiku link
Helen OS link
Hurd link
Illumos link
Linux link
Minix link
Mach link
OSv link
OSDev link
Qemu link
ReactOS link
Redox OS link
Serenity OS link
RISC OS link
Singularity RDK link
Slackware link
Symbian link
Unison link
Visopsys link
Wine link
XNU link

Game Development

Allegro link
Allegro Community link
FMOD link
GameDev link
Unreal Engine link
SDL link
nVIDIA Developer Site link

Mobile Development

Android Open Source Project link
iOS Development link

Audio-Video Codec Development

ffmpeg link
Xiph link
VideoLAN link
WebM link
Doom9 link


Don Knuth's site link


Bruce Schneier link
Insecure link
Black Hat link
PolarSSL link
Hack this site link


Sanskrit Documents link
The Upanishads link
Slashdot link
Shoutcast link
Hacker News link
Dilbert link