I believe in writing free software. I believe that knowledge, information and resources must be shared for the greater good. This is where I publish some of my personal projects so people can get and use them. This place also helps me reflect on my work and knowledge from a decade back.


I have a disclaimer against what I am giving away - to protect myself from getting exploited.
Note: Downloading from this site indicates your implied acceptance to the terms of this disclaimer.

  #include <std_disclaimer.h>

  "I do not accept responsibility for any effects, adverse or otherwise, that this code,
  software, or data may have on you, your computer, your sanity, your dog, and anything else
  that you can think of. Use it at your own risk." 

3D graphics library

I wrote this code a long time ago when I was learning 3D. Some of the routines are still useful for writing text, approximating truecolor palettes and the like. For DOS.

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This is a small graphical demonstration I wrote when I was learning to work with Allegro, one of the most amazing game libraries I have ever worked with. For Windows.

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Matrix Screensaver

I was never good at imitation. But I did learn to make a Windows screensaver.

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This is a Winamp5 visualization plugin, written in Allegro. By my friend Nikhil Karnad and me.

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A space shooter. By my friend Nikhil Karnad and me.

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Allegro IO

This library lets you read files in Allegro DAT and ZIP archives using a STDIO-like interface. It is for Windows but can work in Linux.

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This game was written for TINS. It features fully animated, sidescrolling ASCII art action. It is for Windows but can work in Linux.

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Trash Carnage

This game was written for TINS. It is a casual game played with the Mouse, where you aim your flamethrower at flying garbage. It is for Windows but can work in Linux.

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This game was written for Minorhack. It was written in 1 hour. It features a L33tsp34k quiz. It is for Windows but can work in Linux.

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This is a demonstration of lines which color-cycle and bounce off the screen. It is for Windows but can work in Linux.

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KID3000 Downloader

This is a utility which lets you download the entire KID3000 comic strip. It helped me learn to use the libcurl library. It is for Windows but can work in Linux.

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Telephone Book

A small addressbook program for DOS that lets you store, retreive and search contacts.

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UNIX to DOS Converter 3.00

Ever seen badly formatted text files in notepad? These files may be UNIX text files. This handy commandline utility for DOS/Windows allows you to convert these files into the DOS/Windows format and make them readable.

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ZCX File Protector 1.9

This is a neat commandline utility that lets you password-protect your important archives/files. It is available for DOS/Windows, Linux and SCO UNIX. It uses a fast 512-bit symmetric stream cipher.

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Brainfuck Interpreter & Compiler

This compiler is an optimizing i386 Compiler. The package also features a Brainfuck interpreter. It is for Windows and Linux.

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It is a lightweight, classic web server which can be used to serve static web sites. It supports HTTP 1.0, 1.1 protocols and virtual hosting. It implements very minimum functionality and is reasonably easy to use.

Linuxpackages package mirror link.
Project link.

LILO Boot Screens

LILO boot screens for Slackware and Ubuntu.

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Java Database Configuration Manager

This is a Java library used to dynamically reconfigure database connections in server side applications. It also features a batch mode SQL client capable of executing SQL queries.

Project link.

Java ME Ball

This is a small animation test of Java ME which features a ball which bouncess off the screen. It runs on many mobile phones.

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Download JAD link.

JSON Serializer

This is a Java library used to serialize Java objects into JSON. This makes it easy to transfer server side objects into client side objects.

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This is a Distributed Game and Presence Server.

Project link.


This is a Java web application used for online voting. It is very flexible and can suit many kinds of elections. It features a full AJAX driven UI and minimal server side processing.

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My friend Nikhil Karnad and I have been developing an animated, parallax layered, object and tile-based engine. We have a really good cross platform solution to make great 2D games.

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Project link.
Pipeline Tools link.
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This is a Hobby OS. It is used to experiment with systems programming in general, and particularly new features.

Project link.

Binary Package Distribution

I've pre-compiled and packaged some libraries/applications for Windows and Linux. This is particularly useful for people wanting to be productive.

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