Site Update

I have pointed my blog to now. I also opened my twitter account @karthik_kumar_v.

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Site Update

I have moved my site to now.

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Site Update

I have updated my site's theme after 6+ years.

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Content Update

I have now mirrored my course on Core Java here for everyone's benefit.

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Content Update

I have now linked most of the previous WIP content in mainstream now. They can be found here.

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Long Time Update

I haven't gotten much bandwidth because of the fact that I've been employed. I do work on things besides my job, and I hope that I will be able to post them in this year. I sincerely hope that this new year brings more happiness and peace to people in all corners of the world.

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The dynamic news page is now deprecated for a more simpler static model. Also check out the phttpd code in here.

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TINS 2007

I participated in TINS for the second time. My entry Trash Carnage can be downloaded here.

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Site Update

I have wanted to remove the CV page for a while now.. I've also cleaned the About section and updated the Links section.

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Mom and Grandmom came to visit me. We went to Jaipur in the weekend and had a great \o/ time... After a while, I have uploaded some code today: An AJAX based online voting application, a tiny brainfuck interpreter, a JSON serializer, a JDBC configuration framework and a color cycling bouncing lines thing; All available in this page. Eventually i'll come up with a better way to organize my stuff, with versioning, upgrade and platform information.

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TINS 2006

I participated in TINS this time... Had a lot of fun. My entry ASCIITrain can be downloaded here.

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TechVista 2006

Went to Bangalore to attend the Annual Microsoft Research symposium. They unveiled Virtual India during the event. A fruitful trip, met people, learnt quite a bit and had a great time!!!

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A New Year

I came back from a wonderful vacation. A new year and a new semester start...

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Winter Holidays

And another year just passed by... And a very eventful one. My comprehensive exams are over, and my semester just ended with a whole bunch of paper corrections... Looking forward to take the train home, and I'll be back after my holidays. Until then, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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News Content in RSS 2.0

News is now generated from a RSS 2.0 newsfeed.

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News Content Update

News is now generated from <XML/> content. May consider putting up a newsfeed.

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Minor Update

Didn't update much, except for the CV page. I'm thinking of reworking this site..

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Moved to BAFSoft

I've moved on to BAFSoft. I'm working on tyr currently. This site will have another major update soon.

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In the New Year

It's a new year.. Let us hope this brings about peace, welfare and happiness to our many brothers and sisters who were affected by the Tsunami. I am in Polaris, Mumbai. This city is very good and so are the people! I'm loving my Practise School... And wish you all a very Happy Pongal!

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Updated Site

The Tsunami is still going on ... It has left me shocked and speechless. On a very sad note, We start off with the new site.

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